Mayan Blend

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CUPPING NOTES: Sweet/Chocolate/Smooth

Clean cup with a medium body, sweet floral undertones and chocolate with a smooth finish.

IN THIS BLEND: Honduras Capucas | Guatemala La Hermosa | Mexico Chiapas

All our coffees are organic, farmer direct, specialty-grade, high grown, 100% Arabica



This blend is an homage to the ancient Mayan Civilization, spanned from Mexico all the way down to Honduras, and was known to have reached intellectual and artistic heights that were unparalleled at the time. The Mayan civilization was know for art, architecture, advancements in math, creating a calendar, and advanced astronomy. 

Many of the communities where we work are the very same where the people of this impressive empire once existed--and many of them are direct descendants of the Mayan people. This includes Capucas in Honduras, Acatenango in Guatemala, and Chiapas in Mexico.

The blend of these three coffees creates a beautifully balanced cup with chocolate & floral undertones and a silky smooth finish.