Aeropress - This can seem complicated, but once you get the hang of it you’ll be brewing these up for the whole household. This method combines immersion brewing and pressure to produce a cup that has a solid body, balanced acidity, decent amount of oils, and easy clean up. 

What You’ll Need 

Aeropress (Inverted Method)

Aeropress Filter

Coffee 15g

Grinder (To grind coffee to Fine/Medium size)

Hot Water 240ml at 203-205 degrees

Scale with ability to measure grams


Brew time 2:00 minutes

Lets Prep

Step 1: Grind 15g of coffee on the Fine/Medium

On the finer side of medium, think table salt 

Step 2: Set up your Aeropress as inverted method

Step 3: Rinse the filter and cap with hot water and preheat the inverted Aeropress 

Step 4: Discard hot water, set aside cap with filter 

Step 5: Place Aeropress on scale

Step 6: Carefully add ground coffee, Shake well to even out grounds 

Step 7: Zero scale, start timer, and begin to pour

Lets Brew

First Pour: Pour hot water into Aeropress to about haltway, 125ml

Allow coffee to bloom to 30 seconds and stir

Second pour:

Pour 115ml, to the rim, and place cap with filter

At 1:45 Place Aeropress over cup or receiving vessel

At 2:00 Apply pressure to the Aeropress and press down firmly

Press until coffee is fully drained and you hear a hissing sound

Serve and Enjoy