Café Cubano Can, 10oz
Café Cubano Can, 10oz
Café Cubano Can, 10oz

Café Cubano Can, 10oz

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CUPPING NOTES: Bold/Smooth/Sweet

Full body cup with hints of vanilla and a sweet, syrupy smokiness, with a smooth, bold finish.

IN THIS BLEND: Perú Amazonas | Honduras Capucas | Nicaragua Río Coco

All our coffees are organic, farmer direct, specialty-grade, high grown, 100% Arabica



As a child in Nicaragua, Martin Mayorga spent time at cigar factories with his father interacting with Cuban cigar makers who had fled Castro's government. He recalled the men playing dominos, talking about their plight upon leaving their home country, and drinking a distinctly dark, syrupy coffee. Later on when the Mayorga family moved to the U.S., Martin was able to appreciate first hand this rich coffee while spending time with Cuban immigrants in Miami.

Using our signature LATIN, slow-roasting process, we are able to achieve a distinctly BOLD, SWEET flavor that has a surprisingly SMOOTH finish.