Wholesale Inquiries

Are you a grocery buyer, coffee shop manager/owner, or restaurateur that wants to be part of the Mayorga movement? Then tell us about yourself so that one of our not-pushy-at-all sales or customer service people can reach out to you.

Mayorga also provides:

  • Marketing support to include Mayorga signage and menu-board development
  • Seasonal beverage marketing programs
  • Private label manufacturing
  • Opportunities to join our staff on origin trips throughout Latin America
  • High quality tea, sauce, syrup, smoothie and other “must have” products at reasonable prices
  • Efficient ordering and account management through our state-of-the art wholesale website
  • Online training videos and promotions available exclusively to our customers


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Retailers across the country have recognized that sustainability and quality aren’t achieved by putting stickers on bags. That is why many have entrusted us with their coveted brands to ensure that they can also offer high quality, responsibly sourced ORGANIC or FAIRTRADE CERTIFIED COFFEES that are part of a movement to make a difference. Give us a call or send us an email to learn how we can elevate the quality of your house brand while ensuring you great pricing, consistency, and quality—all as we work together to support farmers and their communities.