Our Story

Martin Mayorga, the youngest of four, was born in Guatemala and grew up in Managua, Nicaragua. At the height of  the Nicaraguan revolution, the Mayorga family fled to Costa Rica and lived there for about one year before moving to Peru.   Eventually they came to the U.S., living in Miami for some time before settling in the Washington, DC area.

During his years living in Latin America, Martin recognized major inequities between the rural farmers of Latin America, those who traded in the same products, and those who consumed them.  Martin launched Mayorga Cigars in 1995 and subsequently began importing green coffee from Nicaragua to help small farmers have market opportunities for advancement.

pedro-godoy---chia-farmerToday, Mayorga Organics is a nationally-recognized sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution company that has cultivated strong relationships with retailers throughout the United States.   We are mostly knowing for our direct work with farmers and communities in Latin America as we seek solutions for opportunity for them as we source high quality products for our customers.

The company is managed by a small and highly effective team that shares the values that started the company.  The “heart” of the Mayorga operations is the company’s GFSI certified facility in Rockville, MD.  We also have offices in Miami, Nicaragua, Honduras and Costa Rica.