Our Family

We are a family

We purposely don’t have ANY outside investors to ensure that our management team is comprised of passionate, hard-charging individuals who are committed to the company’s PURPOSE. We work very closely together, making decisions as a family—with care and consideration for our impact on others.

We are proud of our heritage

Mayorga Organics is a representation and celebration of our Latin heritage. We are ambassadors for our countries and our culture. This is why we do everything with passion.

Our Staff

Liliana Sanchez

Relationship Manager

A proud native of Tegucigalpa, Honduras , Liliana has worked promoting coffee in international markets and being a voice for farmers since 2010. Liliana shares Mayorga's respect, purpose and vision for the people and communities that grow and depend on coffee production. She is passionate about empowering and engaging farmers to facilitate their access to markets, making her a perfect fit with the Mayorga family. Beyond coffee and coffee culture, Liliana also loves nature, photography, travel, and food. Keep an eye on our social media to see pictures from her travels!

Cindy Lemus

Accounting Manager

Cindy was born in the US to Guatemalan parents and was raised on the many rich traditions Guatemala has to offer, including coffee, which is a staple part of every meal. Her favorite coffees are light roasts. With an accounting background and being bilingual, Cindy was inspired to work for Mayorga after learning about the positive impact we have on Latin American farmers and their families.

Alfredo Ascencio


Born and raised in San Salvador, El Salvador, Alfredo was inspired to work in coffee roasting after immigrating to the U.S.  Alfredo grew up watching his father work in the coffee fields and seeing this from an early age inspired him to seek a position somewhere in the supply chain working with the coffee that he knew from his childhood.  Since joining Mayorga Organics as our second employee, Alfredo has continued to develop roast profiles that remind him of the coffee he drinks in Latin America. "I like the art of making great tasting coffee," he says, "it takes years of practice and experience to make coffee up to our strict standards and those of our customers."

Daniel Sandoval

Coffee Roaster

Danny has been with Mayorga since 2009. Simply put, he loves roasting. With the most experience, he has taken on the role of training the newer roasters in the art of roasting. His favorite coffees are light roasts and his sense of humor makes everyone laugh.

Eric Rosenthal

VP, Operations

Eric became involved with Mayorga Organics after a long-formed obsession with Specialty Coffee.  Initially getting his foot in the door through our retail stores, Eric used every opportunity provided over the years to experience the many cultures of Latin America and hone his immense appreciation and knowledge of coffee and the people that produce it. "I have been able to see first hand the pride and hard work that the communities and farmers put forward to make such a high quality product. The fact that Mayorga cares so much about its employees and the communities we work with is amazing."

Jenaee Powell

VP, Finance and Administration

A self-professed "Military Brat", Jenaee is an essential part of the Mayorga team who spends her days working with numbers, checks and balances, tracing and linking transactions, working with databases and randomly breaking out in dance! Jenaee is involved in coffee because of the culture behind it and Mayorga.

Jennifer Rogers

VP, Compliance & Quality

As a self described coffee fanatic, Jenn was a slightly obsessed customer of Mayorga Organics before ever joining the team. With a liberal arts background, and diverse training in everything from public relations to graphic design to food safety compliance, Jenn keeps everyone on the straight and narrow while still pushing forward with creativity and spontaneous ideas.

Kerry Mayorga

Chief Executive Officer

301-315-8093 ext. 109
Martin Mayorga

Martin Mayorga


Martin was born in Guatemala City, Guatemala, to a Nicaraguan father and a Peruvian mother. Soon after, his family moved to Managua, Nicaragua. Growing up in Nicaragua, Martin spent time traveling to the regions of Matagalpa and Esteli, where his father would take him to visit friends who grew coffee, tobacco, and other agricultural products. This early experience gave Martin a deep appreciation for the arduous process involved in growing, harvesting, and processing agricultural products.