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By Martin




Uganda–an exciting new origin

A few weeks ago we had the priviledge of visiting the beautiful nation of Uganda with our friends at Coexist.  They have been working there with a cooperative called Mirembe (Peace) Kawamara in the Mbale region.  The cooperative was formed by Jewish, Muslim, and Christian leaders in an effort to promote peace and sustainable living by focusing on growing and selling exccellent organic coffee.  The 800+ members live on the land that they farm and rely primarily on coffee to sutain a living. 

The premise of members of three very distinct religions working in unity (COEXISTING) in an effort to thrive as a community was very near and dear to our hearts.  The fact that they do so with organic agriculture as the focus, makes this a very Mayorga-friendly project.   We are making a big committment to this group through the COEXIST brand.  We will be announcing the specifics of the relationship next week via press release.  (Yeah, it’s THAT big of a deal).

For now, we’ll just share some pictures with you.

Touring farms with members of the PKC cooperative–and taking the occasional selfie

Kids are a major reason why we’re passionate about what we do. They ALL the deserve the opportunity to learn, dream, and have opportunities for a productive, healthy life

Clarita with Lance and Tarek from Coexist checking out a sample of green coffee to roast

Roasting coffee by hand over a wood fire. Old school!

Talk about a manual grinder! 

I get excited to taste coffees ­čÖé

The smiles are as warm and bright as their dresses


Celebrating the execution of an exciting agreement between Mayorga and Coexist. Details to come next week