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By Martin




Purpose-Driven Growth

Our growth and evolution in the coffee industry since 1997 has taught us a few things:

  1. Quality is a MUST
  2. Organic is the only responsible course for consumers, our staff, our farmers, and our environment
  3. We need to have continuous engagement in Latin America to protect our farmers’ and our customers’ best interests
  4. We have a PURPOSE greater than existing to make money and receiving accolades
  5. Quality and Volume = Influence.  This is the sledgehammer you use to smash antiquated, abusive supply chains in order to build a more efficient model that is focused on people, the environment, and positive influence
So…we went all in.

We’ve been building out the roasting/packaging/distribution facility of our dreams in Rockville, MD.  Those who know our values know that our dreams aren’t centered around personal recognition or amassing obscene wealth.Our dreams are centered around CREATING OPPORTUNITIES FOR OTHERS–especially those who have been systemically kept away from opportunities.


With 4 times the capacity of our previous location, this facility allows us to create more opportunities for our farmers, our staff, and even our customers.
It allows us to scale quality, passion, educational outreach…and our INFLUENCE in the industry.   We can sell more of our farmers’ coffee, package more of their chia, distribute more of their honey, and establish packaging methods for more of their organic products.

This is a HUGE and sometimes overwhelming step for our family-owned business.  The fact is, however, that when you believe in something, you have to give it everything you have.

It will be an interesting few months and a very exciting few years to come!



THANK YOU to all of our customers who helped us get here.  We look forward to more growth together and will be providing you updates on the new facility.

NOTE: This location will have a retail component where you can stop in for freshly-roasted coffee or a coffee beverage.  Due to county regulations, we cannot have seating or food, so it will be a place to get awesome coffee beans and drinks.  The retail portion will open on August 1, 2015.