When you ask Martin Mayorga where he’s from, you might hear a different answer each time.  That’s because he was born in Guatemala City, Guatemala, to a Nicaraguan father and a Peruvian mother. Soon after, his family moved to Managua, Nicaragua. When Martin was 7 years old, the Mayorga family left Nicaragua to live in Costa Rica for about two years before moving to Peru–ultimately moving to the United States.

When he returned to Nicaragua in 1991 at the age of 18, Martin witnessed the impact that many years of turmoil had on farmers that depended on the land to survive. At that moment Martin found his calling: to empower Latin American farmers by showcasing their artisanal, sustainable products to the U.S. consumer. He decided to use his education in International Business and Finance from Georgetown University for good instead of evil.

During his time away from the office, Martin enjoys traveling, hiking, and letting his inner hippie run free.