Eric became involved with Mayorga Organics after a long-formed obsession with Specialty Coffee. Initially getting his foot in the door through our retail stores, Eric used every opportunity provided over the years to experience the many cultures of Latin America and hone his immense appreciation and knowledge of coffee and the people that produce it. “I have been able to see first hand the pride and hard work that the communities and farmers put forward to make such a high quality product. The fact that Mayorga cares so much about its employees and the communities we work with is amazing.”

The eternal optimist, Eric loves talking with our customers and works hard to make sure they are happy with the Mayorga experience. He tells us, “I take pride in knowing that people enjoy Mayorga’s products and service.”

One of the things most people don’t know about Eric is that he loves Sriracha and puts it on everything. During one of his recent trips to Nicaragua, he was challenged to and ate a ghost chili which is touted to be the world’s hottest chili!