Daniel Sandoval

Production Manager

When did you start working at Mayorga Organics?
I started working Roadshows in the summer of 2009 and began roasting in October of 2011.

Where are you from?
I am from La Union, El Salvador.

Did your experiences on Roadshows help with your job as a roaster?
Yes, while on Roadshows I would always see the beans and it helped me understand the correct roast colors for specific beans. It is more complicated than just saying something is a light roast or a dark roast. You have to really see the color and know what you are working towards. There is a big difference between a light roast and a light/medium roast.

What is your favorite coffee to drink?
I have three favorites: the Mayorga Organic Café Cubano, the Costa Rica Tarrazu, and the Jamaican Blue Mountain Blend. They are all so good I can’t pick just one!

Other than our Roastmaster, Alfredo, you are our most seasoned roaster. How do you use your experiences to help the newer roasters?
I try to answer any questions they have and just be around to help them out. I learned that it helps me when I write everything down on paper. I have gotten the other roasters to do the same thing. It helps with questions and roasting consistency.

What is your favorite part about working at Mayorga Organics?
Roasting! I love looking at the coffee as it roasts and the smell of it. Watching it start as a raw green bean and turn into a finished product is a whole experience.

Do you have a favorite coffee to roast?
I love roasting the Mayorga Organic Café Cubano. I like to see the dark, oily bean spinning in the cooling bin. It was also the first roast that I perfected as a roaster.

Did you ever spend time on coffee farms before you moved to the United States?
I never spent time on coffee farms, but I remember watching my grandmother roast coffee on a stove top.

It sounds like roasting is in your blood. What’s your earliest memory of your grandmother roasting?
I’m not too sure, but I have been drinking coffee since I was two years old. That’s how it is
in Latin America! It’s in our blood!

What is the one thing about roasting that you enjoy the most that you did not have while you were doing roadshows?
The smell of roasting. I love the smell of a good light roast. While doing Roadshows, you would smell the finished coffee, but it is not the same as the smell of coffee being roasted. I love it!