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By Clarita




How to Brew Coffee: Chorreador Method

In Latin America, most people start drinking coffee at a very young age.  I began drinking my “café con leche” every morning as a child after my mom prepared coffee for everyone in the house.  It was a part of our daily routine but more importantly, it was a part of our culture.  In Costa Rica the traditional way to brew your daily cup of coffee is by using a “Chorreador”.  The name comes from the Spanish verb “chorrear” which means “to drip”.  Basically, it’s a traditional Costa Rican drip brewer.  A traditional chorreador consists of a wooden stand with a round hole at the top that holds a cloth bag used as a filter.




Nowadays it’s so much easier to just wake up, push a button and have your coffee appear in a carafe.  However, coffee is something that requires extra attention to get the best quality possible.  Here is my morning routine:

Chorreador Filter

  1. Grind some fresh beans
  2. Place ground coffee inside the filter bag
  3. Place a mug under the filter
  4. Slowly pour hot water into the filter
  5. The dripping coffee will fall into your mug

This process, which does not use any paper filters, allows for a very clean filtration process that still maintains the essential oils of the coffee and therefore gives you a very rich cup of coffee.  It is also very environmentally friendly, as the filter is washable and reusable.

This is the “tico” way of making coffee in the morning.  What is your daily coffee brewing routine?